Monday, February 18, 2013

Dont Blame the Teacher: 123s, ABCs, Shapes and Colors

Now a days there are a number of different ways you can teach your child the ABC's, 123s, Shapes and Colors! It is important that you work with your child on this things so he/she is pre ready for Preschool.  If your child can identify all the letters in  Alphabet Count up to 10 + and recognize the numbers then he/she is good to go. 

1. One way to teach your child the ABC's, 123s, Shapes and Colors are by Flash Cards. Flash card can come in a number of different styles, you can also get them with your favorite characters on them.  Which may keep the children's attention a bit longer.  (We do offer some flash cards in our learning supply store)

2. One create way is to make a chain.  with construction paper, Not only does it teach them letters but also colors,
Pinned ImageInstructions Cut construction paper into 1-1/2" strips. Staple or glue 26 strips into a paper chain. . Cut out. Glue one to each chain in alphabetical order. Find pictures in old magazines or circulars to represent the letters of the alphabet. Cut out. Glue to the link.

3. Another Creative way to each them Numbers, and Letters also color and Shapes is if you have stairs. For each step  you have you place a letter or number,  Each time your child goes up the stairs he/she should say the letter or number. Same goes for Colors and shapes.

I could keep going on a ton of different ways to teach your children.  One then I have learn is that, schools aren't teaching children the ABC starting with the Capital letter but with starting with the lowercase letter, since that is what they see the most of when they read.  So if you are going to start teaching your child the alphabet start with the lowercase letter first followed by the uppercase.

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