Monday, February 4, 2013

Mommy Monday: Dont Blame the Teachers

So on this Mommy Monday I wanted to talking about a new topic I will be added to Monday it called : "Don't Blame the Teacher!"

Their are two reason why I'm adding this topic, First reason is sometime ago I was helping out someone, in a home daycare, watching two kids, one child was 1 1/2 and  the other was a four year old.  Now the Four Year old came from a family that has two older children. Well this four year old should have been able to know what letter was what, but he was unable to.  Second reason why, is because  having a sister who is a teacher of 29 amazing first grades.  It so happens that a few weeks ago a parent tried to question my sisters teaching.


Now the teachers and other staff stood behind my sister, saying there was nothing wrong with the way she was teaching. The parent had gone from homeschooling to a public/private school and felt that her child wasn't learning anything. Now, I'm sure I could go into a huge debate about homeschooling vs. public / private school. But I'm not, each of us have our own option, on whether to homeschooling or send them to public or private school.
The main purpose of this topic is to help out our teachers, they can only do so much in the short amount of time they have with our children. No matter if you homeschooling or send them to private school or public school.  Learning doesn't just stop when you child is at school.  If you feel your child is not learning something, then it is your job as a parent to help your child out.   In our new weekly blog post, I will began with what your child should know before he/she goes Pre-Kindergarten, then what they may learn in Pre- K, Kindergarten, First, Second, Three and so on.  We will also have a store set up, where you can purchase items that will help your child.  So instead of coming home and sitting your child in front of the TV or video Games for hours. Help them learn, and become well educated.  Now you will also learn as we go along there are a few  TV programs and video games that I will recommend, that do help with learning.  I'm not in no way trying to take away from what the teachers are teaching our children, just continuing what they are already teaching them.  So make sure talk with your child teacher and find out what they are learning in class and continue that at home.  Our First Dont Blame the Teacher Post will be next Monday!

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