Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Organizing Wednesday: Makeup Drawers

Bathroom junk drawer was out of control.

Never took time to properly organize the drawer and it was not as useful as I hoped it would be.
The ones in the kitchen section were ugly white or black plastic and clearly only designed to hold utensils. I wan’t that impressed with the price either. I made my way to the bathroom section and found some nice acrylic organizers, but they were a bit small and pricey. It would have been more than $30 to properly fill the drawer.
My last hope was the closet organization and laundry section. There I found the perfect organizers. These clear plastic trays were $5.99 for the larger 5 compartment tray and $3.99 for the small 3 compartment tray. Together they would fill up the drawer nicely. The plastic was not as crystal clear as the acrylic bathroom trays, but the price and proportions were much more to my liking.
I got the trays home, slipped them in the drawer, and decided something was missing. What is the point of having clear trays if all I see through the bottom of them is the boring drawer bottom. I set out to look through my paper stash to see what I could line the drawer with. I was coming up emptied handed, until I spotted a roll of chalkboard vinyl.
I lined the bottom of the drawer with chalkboard vinyl (from Michaels). I was a bit nervous about the black, but the risk paid off and the black bottom drawer looks super elegant under my makeup.
But, I couldn’t just leave it plain. Of course not. So, I got some chalk from my kids stash and wrote and doodled to my hearts content. Any good organizer will say something like “a place for everything and everything in it’s place”. Well, it is much easier to give everything a place and keep everything in place with labels. The chalkboard drawer liner gave me a fun way to label the contents of my drawer. I mixed it up between words and drawings for a little fun.
Chalkboard drawer liner
Chalkboard drawer liner
Chalkboard drawer liner
Ahhhh, this drawer is so much better than before. It is so neat and organized. I can pull it open next to me as a I stand at the sink and have easy access to all my makeup when I am getting ready in the morning. I am a pretty low-maintenance girl, but I still where a bit of makeup (mostly Aveda, if your curious) everyday. Having it laid out and organized makes applying it so much quicker. Plus, whenever I take something out to use it, I see these fun little chalk drawings…
Chalkboard drawer liner
as soon as I get it organized :)

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