Saturday, March 9, 2013

Beauty Tip: Green Smoky Eye

Along with purple, green is said to be the most complimentary shade for us brown eyed girls. Because of this, I have created a green smoky eye that is perfect for summer because it has a touch of gold under the waterline. These shades work perfectly with one another to create a summery look that is so beautiful with brown eyes.

  1. Start off with a green base all over your lid. I used a green liner for this step and lightly blended it across my lid. This will make the greens truly pop.
  2. Lightly sweep a olive green color across your lid and blend it lightly towards your crease.
  3. Add a light and shimmery green color to the inner portion of your lid and sweep it into your inner corner. This will highlight your adds and add a summery touch, while still keeping the look smoky.
  4. Redefine and lighten your inner corner with a shimmery white shade. Use a small brush to reach the area and blend it upwards into the light green.
  5. Take your olive shade again with the same brush and sweep the color into your crease and drag it upwards. Keep your eye open to see how far up to blend. Build this color until you feel comfortable with its intensity.
  6. Take a shimmery gold color and drag it underneath your waterline to add a pop of color. Golds work really nicely with the olive green shade.
  7. Line your lid with a black liner and add a little wing at the end if you choose to! Feel free to line your waterline with black liner as well.
  8. Add two coats of mascara and you’re all finished!
Good luck trying out this look! It’s extremely simple but definitely spices up your everyday look. Try incorporating greens into your makeup whenever possible to really make your brown eyes stand out!

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