Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beauty Tip: How to Wear Metial Toned Glitter on your Eyes

Gimme Some Glitter!

How To Wear Metal Toned Glitter On Your Eyes

Glitter eyeshadow can be utilized in tons of ways, but its easiest to break it down into “unfocused” and “focused” uses. If you are loosely placing the glitter to just add some sparkle to your look, this would be considered an “unfocused” use. Precisely placing glitter, for example, overtop a liner, would be a more “focused” use. So which is best for you?

Unfocused Use of Glitter

A quick way to amp up your look is to add some sparkle! No matter what eye look you have created, it is always possible to add some glitter over top. In these two pictures (top row), I loosely placed glitter over top my eye makeup to take my daytime look into a more glamorous one for the night time. The glitter is really apparent in photography, as well as in dark light, so this is a really simple way to make your nighttime makeup stand out!
To subtly dramatize your eyes, loosely apply the glitter to only the middle portion of your lid. This will make your eyes look larger, while amping up your look in a more muted fashion.

Focused Use of Glitter

One place you can try and focus your glitter is over top an eyeliner. (second row) After applying an eyeliner close to the color of the glitter which you will be applying, use an angled brush to place your glitter over the line. You should try to use an eyeliner that has a sticky coating so the glitter stays where you place it. If you seem to have fallout with your glitter, look for a sticky glitter base by any makeup brand. These can be found at all beauty supply stores, and they just act as a clear base to hold your glitter.
Another place to focus your glitter is on your lower lash line, right underneath your waterline. Again, take an eyeliner in a color close to the color of your glitter, and use an angled brush to place the glitter over top. (third row)
In these two images, I showed a lower lash line use of glitter in combination with glitter on the tips of my top eyelashes. This combination is definitely an intense look, wearable for special occasions, such as New Years, or for concerts and festivals. To get the glitter on your lashes, take a clear mascara and dip the wand into your glitter. Then apply the mascara over top your regular mascara. (fourth row) The clear coating should hold the glitter in place and will avoid fallout. Be sure to wipe off the wand before putting it back in the tube to avoid filling the rest of your clear mascara with glitter!
Some other places to focus your glitter are as inner corner highlights, brow highlights, or even cheekbone highlights. Make sure to have a sticky base of some sort underneath so the glitter adheres (for example, if you want to apply glitter as a cheek highlight, try using a creme blush underneath so the glitter has something to stick to).

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  1. Fine or chuncky, glitters in make-up are very fun!
    I like wearing glittery eyeliners and sometime smokey with glitter.
    I've never tried on the lashes like yours, but I bought some black mascaras with glitters that, unfortunately, weren't that visible :(
    Happy Easter