Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Crafty Tuesday: Spoon Puppets with Theater

Make Puppets With Plastic Spoons — Simply Perfect!

Plastic Spoon Puppets

Ever wonder what you could do with your kids on that layover in the airport? During that long wait at the passport office? While visiting relatives that don't have anyone for your kids to play with? While riding on the bus or in the car? Here it is! The perfectly simple project with minimal supplies, that becomes a toy once you've finished creating. How great is that?
And this is the kind of thing you can keep as a surprise tucked away in your bag, to pull out just when your children are about to fall apart! Older children can certainly complete the entire project by themselves, younger children could be given paper pieces like hats, ears, ties, clothes etc. to color.
You'll Need:
  • plastic spoons in various sizes
  • Colored Paper
  • glue or double-stick tape
  • permanent marker and scissors
  • pompoms (optional)
  • craft eyes (optional)
  • plastic bottle-cap (optional)

Plastic Spoon Puppets Faces Just a few ideas for plastic spoon puppet faces!

How-To Simple Plastic Spoon Puppet:

  1. Draw faces on spoon backs with permanent marker
  2.  Sketch and cut out accessories from colored paper
  3.  Affix paper pieces to spoon with glue or double stick tape (better for a trip) To affix hats, slip spoon through a slit near the bottom of the hat. (see photo above)

How-To Pom-Pom Plastic Spoon Puppet:

  1. Affix pom-poms to spoon with glue. (I used tiny teaspoons with regular size pom-poms)
  2.  Glue eyes to pom-pom, and use a mini pom-pom for nose
  3.  Use a plastic bottle cap for a hat, or paper for ears and details.
  4.  Cut a few strands from your broom for cat's whiskers

Spoon Puppet Theater Kid's Craft

Spoon Puppet Theater
Spoon Puppet Theater back view

You'll Need:
  • wooden skewers, 5 per theater
  • colored paper, preferably card stock weight
  • pre-cut pieces of either foam core or corrugated cardboard, for the stage front
  • yarn or string scraps
  • black markers
  • scissors
  • tape and glue
  • spoon puppets,

How To:
  1. Make the frame work for the curtains by binding one horizontal skewer to a vertical skewer on each end with small pieces of yarn. You will now have an arch made with three skewers.
  2. Using a letter or A4 sized piece of colored paper, fold the top 1 inch or so of the paper over, and then draw two gathered curtains on the paper with a black felt pen. Make details on the curtain, such as gather lines, with a felt pen. Cut out the curtains and then attach to the skewer arch by poking the skewer through the fold and then taping.
  3. Wrap your piece of foam core with paper and tape to secure. Decorate with black felt pens. Poke the skewers through the top edge, through the paper and into the foam core to secure.
  4. Make additional decorations such as the crown and diamonds with a contrasting color of paper and embellish with black felt pen. Attach with tape or glue.
  5. Once the stage is finished, carefully poke two skewers through the stage front portion as legs which will allow it to stand.
  6. Got it? Take a careful look at the photos of my daughter's version and I think that will be easier than reading my directions! And of course, you could also make a giant version of this with a cardboard box which could be lots of fun too!
Enjoy this great winter craft that really could keep your kids busy and creative for hours. And if that concept seems more like a dream than reality, then I'd just like to add a few words of encouragement and suggest that while getting your kids to enjoy crafts for hours on end may not happen over night, it can happen with just a little bit of effort and encouragement and patience on your part as well as of course un plugging from any electronic distractions (with the exception of music) that may possibly be inhibiting the creative play in your home. You can do it!

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