Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dad Can Do it To: What You Need to Know Before the Baby Gets Here

5 Things is a new content series where Playground Dad contributors share 5 tips with new and expectant fathers.

I know what your thinking… got a baby on the way and your scouring the web looking for some advice on whats about to happen. DONT PANIC!! I am raising a 20 month old girl and I got a boy on the way im december, I can help. Keep reading….

#1- Make sure your wife knows EVERYDAY how much you love her and how proud you are of her. I know she is an emotional rollercoaster that goes from crying and scared to death to wanting to rip your throat out for for stopping too long on sportscenter just to try to catch the score. Shes not gonna be herself for a while so you have to be her rock. She needs you more than ever right now. get ber some flowers, make her dinner, clean the house. Dont worry that stuff dont make you any less of a man it actually makes you more of a man.

#2 - Your not gonna sleep for a few months. Thats just part of it. Your gonna feel like the baby doesnt stop crying. Its normal man. Your probably gonna ask if I am crazy for my next piece of advice but its important. Cherish every single moment. we had our girl in feburary of last yeard I dre me aber everytime she cridx and I loved her so much. Now she talks and is bossy and it feels like time just flew by. So

#3 – Be sure to have everything ready and set and stock up on diapers, wipes, and food for you two. Your not gonna be going nowhere soon so get your supplies

#4 – Make sure she that you two know what you want when hospital time comes.

#5 – Enjoy your child. Being a parent is the best thing ever. Your child will fill your life with endless joy so get ready to have a blast.

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