Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dont Blame The Teacher: 1 Fish 2 Fish Placemat

1 Fish 2 Fish Interactive Printable Placemat

One Fish Two Fish printable placemats are great for any preschooler.  Print one for each child and placed it in a clear plastic sheet protector so they can reuse it. The kids loved using Goldfish Crackers as counting pieces and once they were finished they ate them all up. Now you can pull out this placemat anytime your preschool children are ready for a game of 1 Fish 2 Fish.

Optional way to play: Roll a die to see how many fish to add to your fishbowl. Continue taking turns rolling the die until each bowl is full of fish.
 If you have problems pulling up the pdf, please email me whereknickers@gmail.com

Read the Dr. Seuss book, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, with your child and have them pay attention to the rhyming words. Read the first part of the sentence and leave off the last rhyming word to see if they can fill in the missing word.
Rhyming is a great pre-reading skill.

A great pre-school snack activity. We use these for snack time at home and now I've printed off a stack and sent them with a bag of goldfish crackers to school for snack time.

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Below are jpg images. You can copy and paste into your document program and adjust the size as needed. 
One Fish Printable ObSEUSSed

I also made this one with some basic math for ages K-2 grades.
One Fish Printable ObSEUSSed addition math

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