Ask questions that ask for a description of their world and hopefully open up a genuine conversation.
When they get home from school today, here are 10 conversation starters that will hopefully spark their interest.

1. What was the funniest thing you heard all day?
2. What was your favourite thing that happened today?
3. Did your teacher get cross today? What happened?
4. What subject was the most interesting today?
5. Was anyone away today? Did that make the day different?
6. What was something new you read today?
7. What happened today that you wish hadn’t happened?
8. What did you enjoy most for lunch today?
9. What are you learning about in science?
10. Did anyone do something nice for you today? Did you do something nice back?

And a bonus question that is always absolutely lovely to ask:
What are you looking forward to tomorrow?
Remember that a conversation is a two-way street. You can open up your questions with an anecdote from you own day. “I laughed so much today when I dropped my shopping all over the kitchen floor… what made you laugh a lot today?” kind of thing. Actually, I didn’t laugh at all when I dropped the shopping all over the kitchen floor today (eggs!), but maybe I should have…
Keep the conversation going and maybe, just maybe, you’ll actually get to know the answer to “how was school today?”
What’s your after-school ritual with your children?