Monday, March 11, 2013

Mommy Monday/Dad Can Do it To: 5 Things parents should be Strict about

5 things parents should be strict about #learningmatters

Here are the five areas that we are most strict about and why.

1. Sleep

This has been an ongoing battle at my place for centuries, but it’s one area that we know we need to establish firm, consistent boundaries around. Children’s sleep is far too precious to leave up to them. My experience has shown me that it’s much easier to be preach a strict bedtime routine and sleep time when your kids are the tired, bed-loving kind. Much harder when they are the anxious, sleep-fighter kind. Regardless, bedtime and sleep is one area we are prepared to battle our children over for as long as it takes. And battle we do.
Whoever said that the art of conversation is lost has never tried to put a child to bed – Unknown

2. Manners

Manners show respect and consideration for others and are therefore very important in my book. I know many parents who “gave up” on reminding their children to say please and thank you and hello and goodbye, but I am never going to be one of them. I have been saying “thank you” to myself on my kids behalf for over eight years now and I will continue to do it until one day they magically do it for me.
Manners must adorn knowledge and smooth its way through the world – Lord Chesterfield

3. Responsibility

While I may make my own inquiries about the archaic schooling system and necessity of homework, my young children won’t hear a word about it. I think it’s important that my kids learn to respect the rules and obligations that going to school involve. This is also true of any extra-curricular activity they sign up for or any other obligation they undertake. We are therefore strict about things like being on time, practicing instruments, wearing a uniform, taking care of pets, looking after your things and mending things that are broken. Responsibility for yourself, your things and others are important life lessons.
If you take responsibility for yourself, you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams – Les Brown

4. Kindness

The thought of raising bullies and mean girls is enough to make me break out in a cold sweat. As a result, there is zero tolerance for unkind behaviour at our place, especially towards each other. By teaching our children to put their siblings first, look out for them and take care of them, we hope we are teaching them consideration, humility and kindness towards all things. All important characteristics for a happy and successful life.
A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money – John Ruskin

5. Health

Due to my own ongoing battle of the bulge, I think setting health boundaries has been so important to me that I’ve managed to completely ignore the insistent “pester power” of my children and stay on track in this area. I’ve always liked the “sometimes foods” approach to eating and also try to offer as little processed food as possible. Enjoying being active every day has also always been a part of the children’s lives. You don’t have to like all forms of exercise, but it’s important to find some that you do like and do them every day. Walking to and from school as often as we can; playing outside instead of inside; limiting screen time; being social; talking about our problems; learning to relax. All structures that we enforce that we hope are building the foundations for a lifetime of good health for our children.
Health and cheerfulness naturally beget each other – Joseph Addison

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