Thursday, March 14, 2013

Style Herdays: Hair Conditioner

MASK to give hair silky and shiny

Step 1. Mix a teaspoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of glycerin. Kneaded composition until smooth.

Step 2. Add the beaten egg mass. Mix.

Step 3. In the resulting mass, add 2 tablespoons of castor oil. Thoroughly mixed.

Step 4. Apply the mask on the entire length of the hair. Put the plastic cap and wrap head with a towel. Leave the mask on hair for 2 hours. After wash the hair using shampoo. After washing, rinsing, use of decoction.

Cycle of treatment: The mask should do 2 times a week. Cycle time 1 month. Then you can make masks for prevention - 1 every 2 weeks.

Result: hair get healthy. Become smooth. Well keep stacking.

Several options for hair sprays in the home:

Spray for hair

1.Sostav: Broth common daisy - 250 ml, linseed oil - 20 drops, any essential oil - 5 drops.

2.Prigotovlenie: All ingredients are mixed. Spray stored no longer than one month, daily spray dry strands for two - three times.

Spray for dry hair

1Sostav: Mineral water - 15 ml lemon juice - 2 tablespoons, any essential oil - 10 drops.

2.Prigotovlenie: All ingredients are mixed. Keep this spray can be no longer than a week. To hair is more moisturized and manageable, use the spray twice a day.

Spray for smooth, silky and easy to comb:

1Sostav: chamomile, nettle, peppermint, and a string of green tea, 2 ml. any essential oil ...

MAGIC MASK, accelerates hair growth
Used for 1 month 1 time per week.Hair rose about 10 cm!

Mask recipe is very simple and is based on the fact that mustard "bake"
warming the skin of the head and causing a rush of blood to the hair follicles:
2 tablespoons dry mustard powder (available from the Department of spices) diluted with hot water
2 tablespoons hot water
1 egg yolk
2 tablespoons olive (peach, burdock, and any other cosmetic oils)
2 teaspoons of sugar (the more sugar, the "meaner" mustard)
Apply parted, trying to get on the scalp without affecting the tips, especially dry (for best effect can mask lubricate dry hair ends any heated cosmetic oil). Head wrap or cellophane bag, put on top of a warm hat, scarf or tie a towel.
So who used to like!

Need to wait for 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how much "beat down." If tolerated, so it is better to be like 1:00, dreaming of a long luxurious braid.
And if you really "fire" on the head, it is only 15-20 minutes.

WARNING! 15 minutes should be required to sit out the first time, even if it seems that on the head there was a nuclear war.
For 15 minutes, no harm to the skin and hair will not (verified by many), and are accustomed to, you then and after spending half an hour and an hour.

Mask to do one once a week, up to 2 times with very oily hair (a bit mask removes excess sebum secretion).

After a rinse with lukewarm water and then wash the hair with shampoo. You can apply for the best effect of any balm or finished mask activator of hair growth. Very good line of "Golden silk".
Accelerating growth components are better absorb in preheated scalp.

If you really want to quickly grow long hair, mask, make at least 1 month. In addition, the mask with mustard actually accelerates hair growth, strengthens them and gives more volume and density, it also solves the problem of oily hair, as hair less messy.
The tips of dry or colored hair necessarily apply oil or finished purchase mask.

Many men after regular use of this mask with mustard began to appear new hair receding hairline, hair is more dense, even if there were few before.

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