Thursday, March 28, 2013

Style Hersday: The Pretty Ponytail

What You Need:
1. 2 clear rubber bands
2. Bobby pins
3. Comb
4. Hairspray

1. Start with textured hair for best results.
2. Create the first ponytail with the top half of your hair like you are creating a half up half down style. Leave a few face framing pieces out and secure the ponytail with a hair tie.
3. Grab a 1-inch section of hair from directly beneath the ponytail and section off for later.
4. Create a second ponytail with the remaining bottom section of hair, bringing it up and around the original ponytail and secure with a hair tie.
5. Take the 1 inch section of hair that remains and wrap it around the ponytail. Secure the end of the wrap with a bobby pin, preferably beneath the pony to conceal the pin.
6. Add more bobby pins as needed and spray the entire style with hairsprayto secure.
7. Enjoy your bouncy, pretty ponytail!

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