Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tutorial Thursday: Glitter Heels

DIY Glitter Heels

What we girls and women are the most famous? Exactly, we have a great weakness for shoes!
So today I have for you a DIY tutorial by her step by step how to get shown from old shoes, glitter heels conjures great.

What do you need to bring your shoes to shine again?

- Old High Heel Pumps
- Glitter (extra fine,)

- Fabric glue
- Brush
- Clear Acrylic Gloss Coating

Where can you get her things?
- In any well-stocked hobby shop

Step 1
Shoes piece by piece with a thin layer of fabric glue Brush!

Pay attention not immediately be provided with the whole shoe glue, otherwise it complicates further processing.
Step 2
Glitter generously provided with fabric glue to make sprinkle and let stand for 5 minutes to boot!
Step 3
Outdoor shoes evenly sprayed with clear coat. Two layers of rich and dry them for 30 minutes!


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