Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tutorial Thursday: Hot Glue Gun Stencil

Hot Glue Gun Stencils

Handmade Hot Glue Gun Stencils via
Drawing out letters:
How to make a stencil via
When the design was cool I peeled off the wax paper from the back. It won’t peel off cleanly but if you soak the stencil in some water you can easily rub the wax paper off with your fingers:
How to make a hot glue stencil via
If you want to do a more technical design, just draw or print out one and place it behind the wax paper as your guide:
How to make a hot glue stencil for art journaling via
placed these circles down on a page spread:
Hot Glue Stencil Tutorial via
And lightly sprayed it with some Tulip Fabric paint:
Art Journal Page Ideas (hot glue stencils) via
Here’s the image left behind!
DIY Hot Glue Stencils / Stenciling (Art Journal Page) via
Then you can add more layers or just add wording on top of the one image for an interesting page:
DIY Hot Glue Stencils via
It works great on clothing too. Here’s a shirt I made….just laying the hot glue gun stencil on the bottom of the shirt and spraying fabric paint on top of it:
DIY Hot Glue Stencils / Stenciling (on clothing) via

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