Saturday, April 6, 2013

Beauty Tip: Exfoliate, Buff and File Pre Manicure, Salon Style!

Mani-Ready! How to Exfoliate, Buff and File Pre Manicure, Salon Style!

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You know how sometimes you try to paint your own nails at home to save time and money, but it never really looks as nice as when they do it at a salon? Well don’t fret ladies, It’s time to learn how to prep your nails in 8 quick steps!
  1. Use acetone and a cotton pad to remove any old nail polish that may still be on your nails. Cotton pads are perfect because they don’t fall apart as you rub, and still get the polish off quickly and completely! And, by using 100% acetone to remove the polish, you will help sweep away any oils that could cause premature chipping.
  2. Time to file! Use a nail file to gently shape your nails the way you like them. I like the “Squoval” shape, because it is modern and square, and the rounded edges help prevent the nails from breaking. It is important to do this step before you get the nails wet, because wet nails are weaker and we don’t want them to snag while we file!
  3. Now it’s time to remove the cuticles. It can be difficult to cut your own, and many times you can wind up making them worse than before, so instead it’s a good idea to use a cuticle remover gel. The Sally Hansen one I use can be found at most drugstores, and is pretty inexpensive. Just apply the gel around your cuticles and let it sit for about three minutes and work its magic.
  4. Once the three minutes are up, use a damp, spare toothbrush (not the one your use for your teeth!) and scrub the gel off of your cuticles. It is a good idea to do this step over the sink, so you don’t get little speckles of cuticle gel everywhere. The scrubbing motion will exfoliate away the cuticle skin that was softened by the gel. When you are done scrubbing them all give them a quick rinse in the sink. This step also acts as a massage for your cuticles, which encourages nail growth… sweet!
  5. Next use a buffer to smooth the surface of all of your nails. This step helps create a nice surface for your polish, and will also get rid of any peeling that could make your nails chip and break.
  6. Apply a hardening base coat. This will protect your nails from the elements and if you choose to apply a color it will help it last longer too.
  7. Once the hardener has dried apply a cuticle oil all around your cuticles. This will keep them soft, and is also great for keeping your nails healthy and flexible.
  8. For the last step, use your fingers to gently massage the cuticle oil into each nail. This will ensure that it has absorbed all the way, and just like scrubbing them, the massage encourages healthy growth!
Now your nails are happy and healthy like you just got them done at a salon! You can leave them natural and beautiful just as they are, or apply your favorite color for a perfect manicure. It’s up to you, but either way, your nails will look healthy and great!

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