Saturday, April 6, 2013

Beauty Tip: Heavy Silver Glitter Fade Smokey Eye

  1. Start off with 3 base shades – a black, a white and a silver. These can be anything form eyeliner pencils, to creme shadows to eyeshadow sticks. They are simply for the purpose of intensifying the gradient of the colors and giving the shadows something to stick to. Apply a white base in the inner corner and inner fourth of the lid. Take a silver shade and apply it to the inner half of the lid. Finally, use a black shade and apply it to the outer corner of your lid. These bases will give you a good assessment of where to place and blend the rest of your colors!
  2. Start with a black shadow and a blending brush and apply it where you applied your base. Use light, sweeping motions, focusing on the outer crease and outer corner of the eye.
  3. Take a silver color and pack it onto the lid, covering portions of the black color. Be sure to blend the two together with a fluffy blending brush until you cannot see where their portions separate. Do the same with a white sparkly shadow in the inner corner. Blend gently with the silver (using a new, clean blending brush) until the same type of gradient appears.
  4. Apply a sparkly silver shadow to the center of your lid to add an extra pop of sparkle. Blend this color lightly enough to still give it prominence in the eye look.
  5. Apply a thin black liner to the top of your lid, as well as on the waterline if you choose.
  6. Apply two coats of your fave mascara and you’re all set!

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