Saturday, April 20, 2013

Beauty Tip: Late Summer Sun-Set Inspired Smokey Eye

  1. Start off by applying a warm, orange-toned base to your lid and a white base to your inner corner. This will make the orange shadows later applied feel warmer and more vibrant on your lid, while the white in the inner corner will work as a brightening agent for highlighting.
  2. Apply a light, warm-toned orange shadow over the orange base on your lid. Pack this color on generously until there is a nice color payoff. Sometimes with lighter colors, it is hard to make the color truly stand out. Don’t give up and apply a couple of layers of the color until you are happy with it!
  3. With a blending brush, apply a deep red shade into your crease. With sweeping motions, gently work this color into the orange, while also blending it upwards. Take time with this step and blend and reapply until you are happy with the color gradient. When you open your eyes, you want the red color to gently peek through overtop your crease, so open your eyes during this step frequently to check if you have achieved this effect.
  4. Take a yellow shade and apply it to your inner corner over the white base, as well as the center of your lid. Applying a light color to the center of your lid and gently blending it out will not only add to your gradient, but will make your eyes appear larger.
  5. Bring the yellow color below you lower lash line from the inner corner to about half way across. Use a purple shade for the other half, from where the yellow ended to the end of your lower lash line.
  6. Line your upper waterline with a purple, and then apply purple into your waterline as well. This purple is one of the most important steps because it really ties the colors of the look together, while adding that natural “pop” to your eye makeup.
  7. Add two coats of your favorite mascara and maybe experiment with some false lashes! For the rest of your face, try a deep red gloss to compliment the red shadows and a natural, warm blush on your cheeks to keep everything simple and accentuating your colorful eyes!

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