Saturday, April 20, 2013

Beauty Tips: The Faux Caviar Manicure


With manicure trends balancing on a line of bold and just plain crazy, it’s hard to find a style that is fun, practical and most improtantly appropriate for a variety of settings! There are few manicures that fit the criteria above like the faux caviar manicure. Trendy, eye catching and customizable! Follow the steps below to master this ‘appetizing’ nail trend!
Preparation: For this nail trend you can buy the Caviat Caviar nail kit (available at Sephora for $25) or you can be resourceful and check in to your local craft store for tiny beads! I went to Michaels and found a jar of tiny craft beads (available in a variety of colors for $8) which worked just as good! The choice is yours!
1. Gather your prep materials.
2. Give yourself a base coat. In this example I’m using black.
3 & 4. On the second coat, wait a few seconds until nails are tacky, not wet. Then, dip your nails into the ‘caviar’ beads. Once they are on your nail, press firmly to shape the nail and to prevent any loose beads from falling off.
5, 6, & 7. Continue step 2 on as many nails as you’d like. For a subtle look, try adding the beads to just the ring finger. For a bold statement, do all nails except the thumb! If you’re fearless, do all five fingers!
8. Once beads are on, add a thick clear top coat! This will hold the beads together so you won’t have any coming off throughout the day/night!
The key to fabulous results is to let this dry completely! If the beads are securely on and finished with a tight top coat, there is nothing stopping you from making your caviar nails the main course at your next few dinner parties!


  1. Hey Erin, this idea sounds brilliant ans so wallet-friendly!
    I'll share it on my fb page!!! Are you there too?
    Have a great weekend

    1. ops.. I've found your page..
      I'm a bit heedless -.-