Monday, April 8, 2013

Dont Blame the Teacher: Get your Preschooler Reading with Bob Book, Set 1, Book 1,2 and 3

Beginning Readers- with BOB Books Set 1, Book 1, 2, 3

 My Daughter is only in Preshool and is only starting to learn a few sight words. One day while at the library I happen to find Book 1 of Set 1 of the BOB Book.  Before I knew it is was reading the whole book by herself without me helping. This is a set of Book I would tell any parent to get. Below, I have added a link to free copy, ENJOY!.

We spent some time on it, learning the words by sounding out the letters, and by the end of the evening Butterfly was reading this book all by herself!!

I thought before we move onto the next book, we need to make these new words and sight words concrete! I want to make sure she knows them really well before we add more new words in. So I decided to make my own worksheets! My first printables!!! And of course I will offer these to all of Rockabye's Readers for free! I'm going to make a set for each book as we progress through the Bob Book collection!


The first sheet, Butterfly traced the new words and then attempted to write the new word herself on the provided line. The next sheet, its a word match up, it gets her looking and reading the words again, matching the left column to the right column.

I made an easy wordsearch to get her to read and find the new words.
And in the beginning of the book, there is a page on "beginning sounds" for letters M, A, T, and S. So I made colouring sheets with letter and word tracing to emphasize and practise these sounds that are in her new words. Go check out my Dont Blame the Teacher - Worksheet Folder for any new printables and help yourself! :)

I also found some helpful worksheets for Book 1 at Walking By The Way's site.

Circling first sounds, another wordsearch, and we used the Listen and Stick page.- I called out one of the words, Butterfly put a sticker under that word's column, until we filled the whole chart.

BOB Books Set 1: MatBOB Books Set 1 Book 2: Sam
BOB Books Set 1 Book 3: Dot


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