Monday, April 8, 2013

Mommy Monday: 10 guilty pleasures for moms

10 guilty pleasures for moms

As moms, we spend most of our time taking care of everyone else, whether it is in the boardroom, the bathroom or the bedroom. While I encourage you to take time on a regular basis for yourself, I also encourage you to treat yourself with some little things on a regular basis that will lift your mood and possibly relieve some pent-up stress.

I have listed some things below to get your mind thinking on these and other possibilities.

1. I love scented candles! I love to change scents for the seasons. Loving the fall scents right now! Plus, I like to have a lavender scent in my bedroom to help with sleep.

2. I have drank hot coffee for years. Recently though, I learned that I loved iced coffee! I have learned to make some iced coffee at home, but I also like to keep the Starbucks instant iced as well, and it is cheaper than going in to Starbucks!

3. I have a love of flowers, and what women wont love flowers too.

4. What woman doesn’t love chocolate? I am particularly fond of Ghirardelli chocolate in various forms. One of my biggest treats ( and biggest downfall!) are brownies. I could eat brownies for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

5. A good book. Every woman should have a good fiction book that she is reading, even if only a few pages a day. I am currently making my way through a great book on my ereader- Here, Home, Hope. Loving this book! Will probably read Safe Haven by Nicolas Sparks next.

6. A good glass of wine is a must on occasion!

7. A breath of fresh air can really do you some good. If possible, take a walk outside. If not, stand on the porch and just breathe in and out. If you really want a refreshing, find a creek to sit beside!

8. Have a favorites playlist. I am not savvy when it comes to mp3′s and iPods and Pandora and now Spotify. But I do love music, and I have lots of music videos on Youtube that I listen to for a pick me up.  You can’t help but dance along!
here is a playlist that I have created that has a ton of song that you will find on my ipod…


9. Many people do spend way too much time watching TV, and I don’t agree with sitting for hours just mindlessly watching. However, I think it is a great treat for moms to have a show or 2 or 3 that she saves for watching. , A few of my shows that I watch are: Chicago Fire, Boston Finest, Haven, and a few others. I do watch a lot of shows that a available for free on

10. A favorite lip gloss or lipstick – this can definitely be a pick me up. Sometimes the scent of your favorite lip gloss can cheer you up, or if you have a fab color lipstick that you know you look great in, apply before heading out the door.


 Well, ladies, what are YOUR favorite guilty pleasures?

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