Monday, April 29, 2013

Mommy Monday: What Not to buy at the Dollar Store part 1


Sunday Paper-Snag it
You can't find the Sunday paper cheaper than $1.
So on weeks with lots of coupons, or Albertson's doublers, it's worth picking up one or three.

Reading Glasses-Snag it


Helium Balloons-Snag it
does yours have balloons?
Mine has helium filled balloons, birthday, sesame street, over the hill, smiley face, seasonal, etc. They are great and just a buck!

I agree!  Helium balloons are a great deal. 

They have a huge assortment, even some of the big names (you know, like Spiderman and Elmo).
Maybe they can work on their display a bit though.

Eyelash Curler-Snag it
I had a friend give me a goodie bag that she scored at an upscale department store 
(not naming any names but it rhymes with Shcmacy's)
I had high hopes for the curler, but it didn't nearly last as long as this one that I bought (and am still using several years later) from the dollar store.

Name brand make-up-Snag it
I don't usually shop in the makeup section but one of my readers (Melissa @ LoveBugLiving) made me aware that sometimes they get big names in there.

I was shocked to find Loreal 

and Maybelline

And also some repackaged Cover Girl makeup

Rubber band elastics: Snag it
These come in a 500 pack and between my daughter and I, they have lasted us over 7 years.
When she was a toddler I would put them in her hair and cut them out at night.  So much easier than trying to pull them out of tangled hair.
Totally worth saving our mother daughter relationship

Headbands-Snag it
Several of you told me that you buy the headbands here.

Lysol toilet bowl cleaner-Snag it
I don't use a lot of chemicals to clean my house, but I do use this brand of toilet bowl cleaner.
It costs around $4.99 at other big stores.

Laundry Detergent-Pass
As with other detergents and cleaners, the generics are usually very watered down and don't work as well.
Find a sale and use a coupon and buy my favorite, Tide, it's worth it.

Oxygen cleaner-Snag it

Air Freshener-Pass
My daughter recently told me that our house just smells like air, so I thought I would try these air fresheners out.  What I have found is that anything that is supposed to smell (candles, air fresheners, plug in's) aren't worth buying at the dollar store.  They just don't smell.

Toilet paper-Pass
You would be better off going out back and picking up some leaves.  
Actually the leaves might hold up better.  

Microfiber towels-Snag it
I use these towels when I clean my windows and my appliances.  They hold up well, and do the job.

Dish scrubbers-Pass
I like using these detergent filled scrubbies when I do the dishes, but this particular kind just doesn't hold up. The green scrubber peels away and the foam tears, the liquid's pretty much like Snooki after a bar's a mess.

Rubber gloves-Snag it
I don't like washing dishes without gloves anymore now that I am in the habit.
Just make sure you are looking at the size when you buy them.

Quick Eraser (Fake Mr. Clean)-Snag it
I love Mr. Clean magic erasers.  Like love them so much I would marry them.
They clean and erase spots so much better than I ever thought possible.  So when I saw this knock off a few years ago I had to try it.
Love it!

Trash bags-Pass
This isn't just a pass, it's a run from these as fast as you can pass.
These bags are awful!
When I clean out a room, I often put the kids old toys in trash bags so they can't see what I am getting rid of
These bags seemed like they were afraid of being used
I would put one thing in, and it would rip immediately
They were so thin and worthless.

Those are just a few of the snag its and passes at the dollar store today.
Stay tuned tomorrow for a walk down the toy and baby aisle.
If you have kids, it's worth sticking around for!

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