Thursday, April 25, 2013

Style Hersday: Baby Bouffant with Loose Waves

Sometimes you spend so much time getting those perfect wavy curls in your hair, but after one day, the front doesn’t lay right anymore and you feel like you need to wash it again.
To take advantage of your leftover waves and keep them looking fresh for a s second (or even third) day, try the baby bouffant! It is easy, fast and full of volume and bounce!
  1. Separate the front/top portion of your hair, basically the area where you would or do have bangs. Clip it out of the way for now.
  2. Gather the hair from the crown of your head. Hold it up and use a brush or a comb to tease it. The more your tease this area the more height and volume you will have when you’re done.
  3. Once you have teased the crown let it fall to the back of your head, and sprits it with a little hairspray to keep it in place
  4. Unclip that front section and simply sweep it back over the section you have just teased. Us e a few bobby pins to secure it in place.
  5. Now just spray it again with a little more hair spray to keep it in place and make your volume last all day.
And voila! You’ve gotten another day out of those waves and curls!

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