Thursday, April 18, 2013

Style Hersday: A Braided Updo

Braids work best in hair that has some texture. So if you’ve just washed your hair don’t blow dry it too well, or use a dry shampoo to add some texture. This hairstyle is perfect for second day hair.
Here’s how to get the look:
  • Brush your hair to remove all knots.
  • Take a section at the top left and divide into three parts.
  • Dutch braid (also called inside out braid) – bring the left under the middle, then the right under the middle, and keep repeating.
  • Add in sections of hair from each side as you braid.
  • Angle your braid diagonally across your head.
  • Keep braiding to the end and secure with a hair band.
  • Loosen the braid by pulling gently to make it look bigger.
  • Twist the end of the braid around to create a flat bun and pin in place.
If your hair is very long, you can finish this hairstyle in a side ponytail or braided bun.

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