Thursday, April 25, 2013

Style Hersday: The Chinese Staircase Ponytail

For this tutorial, you will need:
  1. Hair Gel (only needed if you have fly-aways!)
  2. Elastics (small clear one if possible)
  3. We recommend doing this style with straight hair (that will make it easier to manage the strands!)
  4. Teasing Brush (optional!)

If you’re looking for another way to jazz up the everyday ponytail, look no further! The Chinese Staircase Ponytail is among the many variations of the traditional style, but definitely stands out in the crowd. While it may look complicated and time consuming, this style is actually quite simple! Follow the steps below and you’ll be sporting a trendy ponytail in no time!

Step 1: If you want a more glam look, tease the crown of your hair for added volume. Take a strand from the front of your head and hold apart from the rest of your hair. Gather the rest of your hair to the side and secure with an elastic.
Step 2 – Step 4: Grip the strand with one hand, and using the other wrap the strand around the front of the ponytail and loop it to create a knot.
Step 5: Gather another strand of hair from the ponytail and combine it with the end of your knot. Add a small amount of gel to combine the two pieces to avoid fly aways.
Step 6 – Step 10: Repeat step 4 on the new strand of hair. Continue these steps as far down as you would like.
Step 11: Secure the bottom with an elastic.
Voila! You now have a ponytail that is anything but ordinary. Keep in mind this style is versatile and can be worn in many ways to suit your style. Once you’ve finished the ponytail you can go back and curl the rest of your hair, or leave it straight. You can glam it up by teasing the crown of your hair, or keep it casual. The possibilities are endless!

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