Thursday, April 11, 2013

Style Hersday: The Half Up Hair Bow

The Half-Up Hair Bow

Kouturekiss - The Half-Up Hair Bow
Have you ever looked at a picture of Lady Gaga and thought “I really wish I could have a hair bow like that, but that it is too crazy for me to wear on a regular day.” Well, wish no more, beautiful, here is a cute and girly way to wear a hair bow without it being over dramatic. It will keep the guys guessing and the girls wanting to know how you did it! If you are interested on how to master this fun hairstyle, read on!
  1. Brush your hair and make sure that all of your tangles and knots are out of your hair. Part it at the top and tie it off with a hair tie.
  2. Take your favorite heat protectant and spray your hair with it to help protect your hair from the heat that will soon be applied to it.
  3. Take a strand a pin it about your hair just to keep it out of the way until you will need it later in the tutorial.
  4. Divide your ponytail into to 2 parts equally and take your curling iron and curl the 2 sections of the ponytail. Curl inward (this will help you create your bow with ease).
  5. Tease the ponytail to add some volume so it doesn’t look so flat.
  6. Next, you will want to grab on half of your ponytail and wrap it inward and grab a bobby pin and pin it to the back of your head. Place 2 bobby pins above and below just to make sure that it is firmly secure.
  7. Now do the exact same thing to the other side.
  8. Finally – the magic! Take the last strand that we pinned up at the beginning of the tutorial and bobby pin it down to make the center of your bow.
  9. To finish, lightly spray your new hairstyle to ensure everything stays securely in place.
Voila! Seriously, now how simple was that? Note: if you have lighter hair you may have to tease a bit more and use clear bobby pins and hair elastics. I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. Let me know you mastered this in the comment section below!

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