Thursday, April 25, 2013

Style Hersday: Inside Out French Braid

The french braid is a classic hairstyle that can be dressed up or worn casual. This style is also very versatile and has many different versions. Once you’ve mastered the classic, you’ll have no problem with the inside out french braid. To get started, follow the steps below!
1 & 2. Start as you normally would with a french braid with straight loose hair, divided into 3 strands.
3-6.Instead of crossing the pieces over each other like a normal french braid, cross them under each other. This is key in achieving the ‘inside out’ look.
6 & 7. Continue the braid as you normally would, with each strand, gather hair from beneath and incorporate into your braid (remember to place each strand UNDER the other, not on top!)
8. Once you’ve finished your braid, secure with an elastic.

With this braid, you can get creative with your placement. You can make a diagonal braid (like I have), or you can keep it classic by placing it down the middle. You can also use your bangs, or leave them out. The possibilities are endless, but the result will always be fabulous!

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