Thursday, April 4, 2013

Style Hersday: Washing Your Hair Daily?

3 Reasons You Don’t Need To Wash Your Hair Every Day

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Usually, accepting standard of normal behavior for things like personal hygiene and manners is a good thing. No one smells bad and everyone gets along; what could be wrong with that? There are some things, however, that can’t be applied with such a broad brush. For example, washing hair every day. Is it good to wash hair daily? Maybe not. Will hair smell if you don’t wash it daily? Definitely not. Doesn’t it get greasy? Surprisingly for most people – no! Of course this isn’t true for every person, but take a look at how not washing hair every day can be healthier for hair and skin.
Washing Hair Every Day Causes Oil Production
Readers may have heard this in relation to acne. Over-washing skin can cause it to increase oil production, leading to more greasiness than before. The same is true with the scalp and hair. After a few weeks of only washing hair every other day, or every few days, many people report that it takes much longer for hair to become oily. During the first week or so, many give up and say that they can only control their hair through daily washing. But, given a longer time frame the body adjusts to a more natural schedule, and skin and hair both benefit.
Washing Hair Replaces Natural Oils With Artificial Oils
The body produces a natural oil to keep hair healthy. When people wash it off, they apply a new oil in the form of conditioner. Hair and scalp can sometimes react poorly to these chemicals, compared to the natural ones. The new chemicals often contain synthetics that actually dry the hair while creating a smooth look. This means short term luster but long term damage to hair and scalp. Washing can also cause an itchy scalp and dandruff-like symptoms.
Curly Hair Types Are Already Naturally Drier
Washing curly hair daily causes it to frizz and lose curl. There are many people who advocate not shampooing curly hair at all, and it is agreed that at least cutting back on washing is essential for healthy curly hair. Try it for a few days and see the difference with better curl definition and less frizz. Sulfate-free shampoo can help too.
Can’t deal with the thought of not washing every day? Try a dry shampoo. My top picks:
  • Kevin Murphy Fresh.Air – A dry cleaner for the hair that gives body and texture, removes odors, excess oil, and all your sins from the night before. I love the scent! It also goes on lightly enough that you don’t have to worry about chunks of powder or dry spots in your hair. Flip your hair over and blast the roots, and you’ll be good to go.
  • Unite 7 Seconds Dry Shampoo – No more greasy roots with this dry shampoo! 7 Seconds won’t leave visible powder and it gives you a ton of volume. You can even use it after a blow-out on CLEAN hair – just spritz your roots near the crown to get a lift.
  • Prive Volumizing Dry Shampoo – Enriched with ginkgo biloba, green tea and soy, Herbal Blend #10 imparts incredible volume instantly while cleansing the scalp and hair without using any water. Even baby fine hair is left full of amazing body, texture and grip to hold any style.

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