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Mommy Monday: What Not to Buy at the Dollar Store-Part 4 General Items

What Not to Buy at the Dollar Store-Part 4 General Items

Snack Cups: Snag it
All three of my kids (and my husband) bring their lunches to school every day.
I try to keep the food waste to a minimum (see my solution here)
and these snack cups are another perfect solution.
I don't spend a ton of money on prepackaged fruit cups but instead will buy a jar of applesauce or a can of fruit and put them in these cups instead.
I've also used them to make jello or pudding in.
They are the perfect size for a snack and so much cheaper than buying the snack sized foods.

Knives: Pass
I like my fingers.  
And have grown quite fond of having ten of them that I would like to keep.
A dull knife isn't worth it.

Shelf Liner: Snag it
When we moved into our home last year, the first thing I did before unpacking was line the shelves.
I had no idea the dollar store carried this and ended up spending $10 per roll!
Lesson learned!

Contact Paper: Snag it
I've never tried it as a vinyl alternative, but it might be worth a shot!

Clothespins: Pass
Our family uses clothespins to hold the bread bag closed or the top of a chip bag.
These clothespins break easily or don't work at all
Several of them literally fell apart in my hand when I reached for them.

Oven Mitts: Pass
Pick one of these up and do a feel test
These oven mitts are so thin you could really only use them for decoration.

Chair Protectors: Snag it
Another household thing I paid too much for when we moved.
We have these on the bottom of the chair legs on the hardwood floors.
I spent $7 for a box of them last year.

Work Gloves: Pass
If you are wearing work gloves, it usually means work is involved.
These gloves are so thin you might as well be wearing nothing.
Invest in a good pair of work gloves and save your buck here.

Decorative rocks: Snag it
The possibilities for these accent stones and other decorative stones are endless.
Use these to make a river rock shower mat
or get the pretty clear ones for the bottom of a vase.

Hardback books and CD's: Snag it
You never now what you may find in the book and cds
Books---hardback nice books are often there.

Photo Paper: Snag it
I don't have a photo printer, but I have heard from several of people that photo paper is nice to have on hand.

School Supplies: Snag it / Watch
When I get my kids school supply list I make a master list of the items they need
(5 composition notebooks, 2 bottles of hand sanitizer, 1 calculator)
When I am shopping for items in August I carry that list with me
After I hit all of the super save sales at the big stores
I hit the Dollar Store for some of the remaining items.
Or if the kids run out of supplies mid year when there aren't any sales, this is a great place to find them.

Poster Board: Snag it
Most kids will need this for a project at some point in their school career
It's good to know you can find it here for 50 cents

Foam Board: Snag it
It's lightweight and can be used for so many things.

Fire Starter: Snag it
We BBQ year round and always have these on hand
With young kids in the house, I would rather have these around than matches or a lighter.

Sharpies: Snag it
Cheap and permanent
I always have one in my purse 

Scented Candles: Pass
I already mentioned in about buying smelly household items.
The things that are supposed to smell don't 
(and ironically some of the things that shouldn't smell do)
Skip on these

Gift Wrap: snag it
I know most people aren't wrapping present anymore, but when you do, there are some great prints for only a buck.

Gift Bags: Snag it
Out of all of the comments, most of you told me that you pick up your gift bags at the Dollar Store.
I don't buy bags often but there have been times when my supply has been running low and I have picked a few up.

Party Supplies: Snag it (cautiously)
The party supplies are great for kids birthday parties or school parties but I would skip them if you need heavy duty paper ware.
There is a huge assortment of colors to match any party

Plastic cutlery: Pass
They are flimsy and break easily and I'm not the only one that hasn't had a good experience with them.

Ribbon: Snag it
Several of you told me you pick up their ribbon.
I had no idea the Dollar store carried such an assortment.
I like those little plastic treat bags that have pictures printed on them and curly ribbon. I use them to wrap up my handmade items that I sell online. It only costs a few cents and makes my customers feel like they got something special because they get a cute package to open when their order arrives.

Candles: Snag it
Always good to have on hand
You never know when you will need them

Party Trays: Snag it
There are several different shapes and sizes to choose from at our dollar store.

Straws: Snag it
I always have these on hand at home.
A drink is always more fun with a straw in it!

Invitations and thank you notes: Snag it
There are so many ways to make invitations special and do it without spending a lot of money, but if you are looking for doing it the quick and easy way, the dollar store has some great invitations that don't cost a lot of money.
I loved this set that also had matching thank you notes.

Kids Party Supplies/Favors: Snag it
The Dollar Store is always the first place I check for party supplies.
There are several very popular kids themes and you can usually find something to go along with your parties theme

More party items: Snag it
You can also sometimes get balloon weights there, much cheaper than the party store.
I did find balloon weights at our store, and cute favor boxes.
It's worth stopping at the dollar store first before you hit the party supply store

Cards: Snag it
Another huge response in my comments section was for the greeting cards.
Our store has a huge selection and always features cards for upcoming holidays (mother's day, graduation, etc...)
You can't beat the price!

Are you surprised about some of the things you can pick up at the Dollar Store?
I know I was!
Anything I missed that you would like to add to the list?

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