Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tutorial Thursday: Laptop Bag

Make A Custom Laptop Bag

how to make a laptop case
DIY laptop bag to the rescue! The whole thing is not actually that hard to sew, its just a glorified pillow and some straps, but the assembly can be a bit complicated. I found this heavy cotton print at Mood Fabrics in NYC, and padded the inside of the case with quilted broadcloth. Materials and instructions after the jump!


  • 1 yard quilted broadcloth (for interior padding)
  • 1 yard in the cotton of your choice
  • 2 1″ D Rings
  • 2 1″ Lobster Clasps
  • Matching Thread
  • Scissors
  • Needle for hand sewing
1.  Measure and record your laptop’s height, width and depth. Giving yourself a 2″ seam allowance on all sides. Using your laptop to trace if necessary, trace out the side piece 1, side piece 2, and front flap on the same piece of fabric. Front flap should be half the side height. Cut out this piece so that its one continuous piece of fabric. Cut all the strap pieces and loops.
DIY Laptop Sleeve
2. Cut a piece of quilted broadcloth to be the same size as laptop sides and flap. Put the right sides together and sew all side seams, leaving a couple inches open to turn right-side out (similar to constructing a pillow). Turn fabric inside out and stitch up the opening.
make a diy laptop bag
3. Sew the bag together. Match up laptop side 1 and laptop side 2 inside out. Stitch up side-seams. Turn right-side out so cotton print is faceing outward.
4. Sew the straps. Take the strap piece and fold in half lengthwise, right sides together, press, and stitch lengthwise. Turn right-side out.
DIY Laptop Sleeve
5. Take short sides and fold over with a 5/8th inch seam allowance, pin, press and stitch.
Sew Laptop Bag
6. At this point, we’ll make the two smaller pieces to loop with the lobster claws. Fold in half lengthwise, press, pin and stitch.
DIY Laptop Sleeve
7. Take the strap and fold it in half one more time so that the long ends of the strap meet in the middle. put the loops through the lobster clasps and pin on the inside of the strap. Stitch the loops and strap together on the machine by making a seam where they meet.
Make a laptop bag
8. Use your machine to stitch up the strap lengthwise with a zigzag stitch in the middle.
make a laptop bag
9. Make the D-hook straps. Fold the pieces in half wrong sides together and stitch lengthwise. Turn right-side out. Hem the short sides with a 5/8th in seam. Fold straps again lengthwise so they meet down the middle. Press and pin. Stitch up seam with a zigzag stitch.
Tutorial – How To Make A Custom Laptop Bag
10. Put the straps through the D Rings and fold. Stitch by hand on the inside of the laptop bag, do several rows of stitches to secure it.
DIY Laptop Sleeve
11. Done!
diy laptop bag

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