Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tutorial Thursday: Smocked Beach Cover Up Dress

Smocked Beach Cover Up Dress 

DIY Smocked Beach Cover Up

All it took was a little fabric, some stretchy thread, and some internet research to create this smocked beach cover up. The smocking is a tad time-consuming, but overall, its a simple project that can be completed in a few easy steps. Materials and instructions after the jump…

Materials needed:
  • 2 yards of polka dot cotton fabric (see step 1 below to determine exact yardage)
  • 2 spools of elastic thread for smocking
  • Regular thread for hems and seams
1. Determine the exact yardage of fabric you’ll need. You’ll need twice the amount of fabric that you’ll want to smock. My bust is 36″ so 2x that measurement is 72″ or 2 yards of fabric. Measure from the top of your bust to where you want the hem to hit + 1.25 in seam allowance. this is the length of fabric you’ll need.
2. Hem the fabric on one side lengthwise with a standard 5/8th in hem. This will be the top bust hem.
3. Smock. The dots on polka dot fabric simplify the smocking since it’s not necessary to measure out the increments where you stich. Starting at the top row of polka dots, use elastic thread the length of  your bust to make a running stitch horizontally from dot the dot. The stitches on the inside should be long, while the stitches on the outside should be short and hit just at the dot. Repeat for at least 15 more rows, trying on the dress periodically to make sure your smocking hits at the bottom of the bust.
How to Smock
 4. When your smocking is complete, pin and sew the side seam with regular thread by matching up the two short sides of  the dress, right sides together.
5. To complete the cover up, hem the bottom to the desired length with regular thread. Done!
How to Smock Polka Dots

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