Thursday, June 13, 2013

Style Hersday: Messy Twist

Messy Twist

1-  Beginning on wavy or second day hair, sweep all of your hair over one shoulder.  
2-  Starting off your part, take a medium size section and split it in half.
3-  Take the front piece and cross it over the back piece, bringing the back piece to the front.
4-  Add a new section of hair to the new front piece, making it thicker.
5-  Now cross the pieces again, taking the front piece over and the back piece under.
6-  Continue this process of twisting the sections and adding hair down your hairline, creating a twist braid.  
7-  As you braid down be sure to keep the braid close to your face, resting near your hairline.  As you get past your ear start taking bigger sections.
8-  Finish with a normal twist braid.
9-  Secure the end with a clear elastic.
10-Finish by gently pulling on small sections to loosen the braid and make it messier.

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