Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tutorial Thursday: Bow Tee Refashion

considering my current wardrobe is getting smaller and smaller as my waistline gets bigger and bigger
i've been going through my ol' refashion pile seeing what i can spruce up quick.

i had this plain tee that was always a bit too baggy, and lo and behold it fits perfect now, haha!
but instead of wearing a boring crew neck tee i got out the sewing machine to add a fun little bow!

here's how i did it so you can make your very own bow tee refashion -

supplies you'll need -

- a plain old tee
- a strip of jersey fabric, about two-three inches wide,
  and twice as long as the new neckline giving plenty of length to tie
- your sewing machine, matching thread, scissors, pins

1. trace your new neckline
    i used another tee that i liked the neckline of and used pins then chalk to copy the neckline

2. cut out your new neckline!

3. sew new neck binding.
    with right sides together, sew on the neck binding with about a 1/4" to 1/2" seam allowance,
    being sure to center the middle along the middle of the back.

4. fold over and pin the binding.
    since jersey doesn't fray, you can just fold over the edge of the binding to cover the tee's raw edge
    without having to worry about folding under the other edge of the binding.
    if you are using a fabric that will fray, be sure to fold over the binding's raw edge.
    also make sure the edge is about 1/4" below the stitching line on the front
    so you will catch it when you sew it closed.

5. stitch in the ditch to sew the binding closed.
    this can be a tricky technique to learn, but will make you feel so pro once you get it!
    sewing from the top side, try to get your needle and stitches as close to the "ditch" or little fold
    from where you sewed the binding to the tee the first time around
    being sure to catch the binding on the back side so you're actually sewing it down.
    doing this will make it look like there is no seam at all when you're done!
    super pro!

6. now all you have to do is tie a cute bow and show off your work!

that wasn't so hard was it?
think about all those plain boring tee shirts you can make so cute now!
i'm thinking i might have to try this with another tee
and use a fun vintage silk scarf for an even fancier look.
good luck sewing!

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