Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tutorial Thusday: Barbie House

DIY Barbie House


This was the frame

Then he added roof shingles that were left over from when we had to redo our roof forever ago. Its nice to use what you already have. Plus, it helped it look like more authentic.

This part of adding the siding piece by piece was definitely the longest! I know he thought at one point he was never going to finish this part, but it was ohhh so worth it!

 My friend told me about a small family owned carpet store that would give you free carpet squares they didn't need. So off I went. We ended up with such varied colors but she loves it.

It's hard to tell from the picture but its about 5 feet tall. 

We even made stairs leading from the garage to the house, cause that will totally make life easier for Barbie to get in the house when she has on those high heels of hers!

Are you on picture over load yet?
So that's our DIY barbie house. It hardly cost a thing, which makes it even more fun. We used our in laws amazing wood from their property, (thank you, guys!!) got free carpet squares and only had to buy a bit of paint.
 I must admit the boys aren't the only ones that sneak and play with it.  (wink wink)

Post Script: We have had lots of request for the plans for the Barbie House. We didnt use any specific "plans" to make it. We really based the room size around the carpet squares we got. But here are the measurments of the house.  Hope this helps some. We would love to see pictures if any of you make one. You can use the email address listed at the top of our blog!
 Happy Building!

Here's the measurements:
The outer shell of the house it self; 38w x20d x 60h
The room sizes are; 19w x 20d x 15h
The top two decks are 12w x 20d
The bottom deck my daughter uses as a garage because Barbie has to have a garage, right :) That measures 13w x 20d x 15h

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