Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to Organization For Back to School

Back to School Projects

Back to School Organization
As I tackle some new projects to get ready for school, I realized there are several great “back to school” projects I have already completed. These projects are great for any household with school age or preschool children. We have enjoyed these projects for a while already, and I am excited that they will help us be more organized during the school year, too.

Arts & Crafts Storage Center

Ultimate Kids Art and Craft Storage Center
This is still one of my all-time favorite organization projects. .This would also be a great storage solution for any supplies kids need to do their homework. I am sure over the next few years it will transition partially to a homework station for us.

Flash Card Organization

Flash Card Organizer
Last year I purchased these index card holders from Target (available again this year) and used them to store and organize all our flashcards. For example, if they were learning about certain letters, she would pull out related flashcards from the set and put them on the outside of the holder under the elastic band…genius!

Chalkboard Door

I am sure you have seen tons of chalkboard doors, but have you ever seen one that is completely removable? To create my chalkboard pantry door I used chalkboard vinyl from Michaels. It adheres to the door and is completely removable. Many have asked how it has held up and the answer is wonderfully. It has not peeled at all. It wipes perfectly clean with no chalk residue. I simply use a damp paper towel to wipe it down.
We use this for everything including messages to welcome house guests, grocery lists (great for the nanny to let us know what is running low), and the boys make doodles at the bottom. I have been meaning to add more vinyl to the lower half of the door just for them, but I used up my current roll for may chalkboard lined makeup drawer (seriously love this stuff).

Quatrefoil Cork Board

Our pretty cork board will be handy for pinning up school papers and art projects. This 3ft x 3ft board placed need the laundry room or mud room. 

Wall Pocket Mail Organizers

Hanging Canvas Wall Pockets
I am far from perfect, but I try really hard to process all incoming mail and keep it off the kitchen counter. These wall pockets have been helpful. I know the school will be sending stuff home often, so I think the ” read” pocket will get frequent use. I am excited the school uses a folder system with one side for things to read and keep (which will end up in the “read” wall pocket) and the other side for things to fill out/sign and return to the school immediately.

Reading Nook

Kids Reading Nook
I am looking forward to adding new, age appropriate books in the reading nook. 

Organized Mud Room

Mud Room After
I can only imagine a clean, streamlined mud room will be critical for before and after school success. Our mud room is in pretty good shape, but I think it is time to label the hooks for each family member. This will ensure a consistent, reserved space for my son to hang his backpack when he comes home from school.

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