Saturday, October 26, 2013

Beauty Tip: Halloween Inspired Eyes

A Glittery and Ghoulish Halloween Inspired Eye

For this tutorial, you will need:
  1. Black cream eyeshadow/eyeliner
  2. Black eyeliner pencil
  3. Eyelash glue/adhesive
  4. Loose body glitter
Trick or treat? It’s Halloween! Everyone’s favorite time of year to experiment and get a little crazy with their makeup and costumes. You could be scary, funny, outrageous or a little bit sexy! So here’s a Halloween inspired eye look, guaranteed to catch the eye of every vampire, ghost and werewolf in the room!
  1. Cover your entire lid in the black cream shadow or liner. Bring it just above the crease, right into the corner of your eye and into a feline flick on the outer corner.
  2. Take an eyeshadow brush and blend the edges of the black so they become a little softer.
  3. Take your eye pencil and apply black right the way along your lower lash line (be sure to get the waterline and join up the corners too!)
  4. Now, use the pencil to draw a small line from the inner corner of the eye down towards the nose – hypnotic animal eyes!
  5. Take your eyelash glue or adhesive and apply to the entire eyelid, BUT make sure to leave a small gap between where the glue ends and where the black makeup ends! This will leave some of the black showing and will define the glitter.
  6. Now the fun part! Dip a small brush in to the loose glitter and starting from the inner eye and working outwards, press the glitter onto the glue. Really pack it on. The sparklier, the better!
  7. Leave this all to set for 5 minutes and then you’re ready for magic and mischief!
Try using different colored glitters, or one that will compliment your outfit! This eye look works for cats, witches, vampires, devils – you name it!

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