Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Abandoned.... To only return!

Have you ever taken on a project or two and soon become so over whelmed your not sure what to do? Should I continue? Should I walk away? When I first started where's my knicker I wasn't sure were I wanted the blog to go. Didn't know what to say or do. I want sure if was going to have anyone follow, I was taking a leap of faith. I just wanted to bring people the things I knew and like, in hope that you would like it too. Just like any company you in a small way have to compete with other blogs, and give your site something just a little more so that person while come see your site versus another's. Between running this site and another I was going crazy and I was spending more time working both sites. I didn't have any time for my child. Or I was staying up to late and not getting enough sleep. That wasn't far to myself or my child so I walked away... I abandoned my baby (my blog, not my real child)
That's right I abandoned the one thing I enjoyed doing. A part of me felt if I didn't walk away I would gone crazy, better yet have a child who think mom does love cause I don't spend time with her. But what I soon realized was that me walking away help me realized that I missed it. I miss getting hear your comments, getting to know you or doing little giveaways. I just hope that each and everyone will stick with me and continue this journey with me. Walking away for a bit gave me the chance I needed to redesign the blog.

In continuing the where's my knicker blog a few things will happen . First I'm going to have somewhat of a schedule. Spring breaks. Some of summer vacation and part of winter break we will have No post, Giveaways, Etc. On top if that we will start out with three main blog days Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. (Something like that, days may change) we may also feature a guest blogger once a week or something.

Things at where's my knicker are changing and I hope each and everyone will stick with us.

On a side note I know there was at least one or two giveaway that was on going when I left that one had been voided I am sorry for the inconvences. They have been voided due to a systems crash. Once we are back up and running we will start the giveaway again

Begin February 26th thru march 30 we will be mailing update an corrections to the site. We just ask that you bare with us until we are complete blogging will resume march 31

I look for to returning.